Our internships are custom tailored to each intern so that their time spent with the leadership of ReNewed Life Church will be a valuable learning experience.

We take our internships seriously so our interns don’t have to worry their primary role will not be making copies, answering the phone, or getting coffee for the pastor.

Internship Details

  • To provide those preparing for ministry with hands on ministry experience beyond the classroom setting.
  • To create an atmosphere that challenges interns to grow in their own faith.
  • Increase the awareness of multiple dimensions of ministry.
  • Help to identify and affirm gifts and strengths.
  • Equipped to lead others in their faith formation.
  • Interns will be heavily resourced at the completion of the internship.

(Not an exhaustive list. Experiences will vary based on the intern's needs.)

  • Meet with the pastor each week to debrief on the week’s activities and discuss a specific leadership topic.
  • Attend Church board and leadership meetings
  • Lead and/or participate in a Life Group
  • Teach at Sunday morning worship gathering
  • Congregational care
  • Sermon/message series planning and execution
  • Conduct information gathering surveys in the community
  • Create personal and professional evaluations
  • Participate in leading worship on Sunday mornings (music, lead prayer, read scripture, preach)
  • Help plan and organize special events
  • Involvement with community outreach
  • Work with the guest connections team.
  • Give guidance and leadership to specific ministry areas.
  • Evaluation and development of new and current ministries of the church

Each week interns will sit down with the lead pastor and discuss important leadership topics. Here is just a sample of the topics:

Worship  (Order of worship, environment, format/structure, style)
Guest Connections
Church Administration
Pastoral Counseling/Congregational Care
Spiritual and family life of a pastor
Community inside the church
Community outside the church

Year Long Internship
Fall Semester (September - December)
Spring Semester (January - May)
Summer Internship (May - August)

Previous Interns

Kylee Higgins
Indiana Wesleyan University
Christian Ministries (Kern Program)
Currently the Kids Ministry Director at Northview Church (Anderson Campus)