What is Discipleship?

We look at discipleship as faith formation.

Faith Formation is YOU being made complete in Christ. Faith Formation happens each time we say “Yes” to God’s invitation to be made complete. Faith Formation is healing, freedom, wholeness, and hope! Faith Formation is a life-long process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others and the glory of God. In this process God sets us free from sin and helps us become the people He created us to be from the beginning of our life. Faith Formation is one of God’s primary tools for “reviving faith, restoring hope, and revealing love.”

Therefore the deepest value of faith formation is not “people,” but God. God forms us fully so that we are part of His world-wide redemption to restore the future.

Faith Formation is designed to: 1. Give God glory, 2. Reveal Jesus as Savior of the world, 3. Create space for the Holy Spirit, 4. Make people whole, 5. Bring all people into full unity with God, 6. Bring God’s Kingdom to this earth

Why do we care about FAITH FORMATION?
God has something more for you! He sees you as a whole person. He loves you more than you can imagine. YOU are given the privilege to partner with God in order to be made whole. THE CHURCH is given to you, by God, to love you and support you in this journey of faith. THE OUTCOME is that when you partner with God, the world becomes a better place... The future is restored!

  1. God the Father: He created earth and then made humans in His image. Today, even before you know it, God initiates activity and illuminates truth.
  2. Jesus: He is the one & only way to God. He brought us eternal life and models how to live.
  3. Invitation: God, through Jesus, invites all to become His children.
  4. The Holy Spirit: We receive a new birth and a new identity. The Holy Spirit then comes into us to empower us to be made whole.
  5. The Church: God gave us the Church to encourage & support Faith Formation through worship, Scripture, sacraments, community & service.
  6. The Continual Journey: Lives are made whole throughout the life cycle.
  7. Jesus is Proclaimed as the developing believer and the Church reflect His goodness.
  8. God’s Kingdom comes to earth as our lives are transformed.
  9. God is glorified as His people are transformed and the culture is restored.

Consider the repeating progression of personal transformation.

A) PURSUED: God is active before we do anything.

B) AWARE: Things happen in our lives that open us up to new possibilities.

  1. Become Aware of it—You become aware of something new that calls for a response.
  2. Respond to it—Conviction grows and you feel you should do something— whether that is stay the course or make a change.
  3. Want it—Now you desire to be different, to be changed....You really want it.
  4. Try it—You try to make changes on your own....You work hard, try new behaviors...and usually fail.


  1. Seek it—Realizing that you can’t do it on your own, you seek help from God and the Church. Sometimes the wait is long, but God always responds to our seeking.


  1. Receive it—at this point, God does something new in us. Our hearts and behaviors become one with His desire for us.


  1. Live it—You now live out the gift of grace and healing that God has produced within you.
  2. Tell it—You share the story of God’s transforming power with others.

God created the Church, in part, to support and facilitate faith formation. The Church helps to provide an environment that makes it easier for people to encounter God, to hear from Him, and the Church encourages obedience to God. This occurs in three directions:

UP—Worship (both corporate and private);
IN—Inner growth (within the person and within the church);
OUT—Service outside the church walls.

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